Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Joint May Day Resolution of Independent Iranian Workers’ Organizations

Translator’s Note:  The following joint resolution by seven independent Iranian labor unions and organizations has been issued amidst a growing wave of strikes by workers, protests by teachers and nurses, and arrests of union leaders.  The resolution specifically targets “the capitalist system which rules Iran …cannot and does not want to put an end to the existing unbearable situation.”  The resolution further opposes discrimination against women, ethnic, national, religious minorities and Afghan migrant workers.  In conclusion, it states:  “We condemn the escalating war and killings in the Middle East region.  In our view, this horrible situation, the unprecedented rise of terrorist organizations and the policies of terror in the countries of the region are caused by the dead end which capitalist relations have reached in their failure to satisfy the needs of human beings today, and by the anti-human policies of western and regional governments.”     The original Persian text can be found at   This translation will be published in the Bulletin of the International Alliance in Support of Workers in Iran.

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